Louis Lot publicity 2 copy

Louis Lot/ Dorus Trio

My Louis Lot flute no. 435 was made in 1859 and is a rare early example of what has become the modern flute. However, this flute is wooden, conically bored, ring keyed, and uses the Boehm system with a Dorus G#. 

…vallen direct de zeggingskracht en expressive van Walker op…met het mooie spel van haar continuo.
Wieke Karsten FLUIT 2012-1


Continuum perform a variety of exciting and varied programmes of baroque music for flute, cello and harpsichord on original baroque instruments or accompanying Elizabeth’s beautiful wooden ‘modern’ FMG flute.


Festive Flutes

Festive Flutes is a modern flute quartet, formed in 1985 by Elizabeth and three flautists all studying with her at the Guildhall School of Music. They have specialised in concerts and workshops, and are renowned for their excellent musicianship and unique presentation.